Work on your health with halotherapy

Discover the beneficial properties of salt at Saltium, Institute of Halotherapy. Our cures provide relief from respiratory, skin and stress-related complaints and boost your immune system.

Unique in the Netherlands!
Our Halotherapy Institute has two individual salt chambers and one group or family salt cave

What is halotherapy?

The Greek word for salt is ‘halos’. That is why salt plays the lead in halotherapy. Halotherapy is a form of speleotherapy (spelaion is Greek for cave) in which the salty air in salt mines and salt caves is used to treat respiratory diseases and skin complaints. The only difference is that halotherapy imitates a natural salt mine or salt cave.

How does a cure work?

Halotherapy is given in a special room where the walls, ceiling and floor are covered with rock salt. In addition, dry aerosol of natural rock salt is produced in the room by a nebulizer: the halogen generator. This nebuliser carries a constant stream of clean, dry, salty air from an adjacent room.

Is it suitable for me?

Halotherapy is effective against respiratory complaints, allergies, stress and various skin conditions. A course of treatment can even result in less medication being required. Moreover, Halotherapy is 100% natural, safe and suitable for adults and children from 3 months old. However, it does not replace regular health care and there are cases when it is not wise to take a course of treatment.

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Our story

Saltium Halotherapy was founded in 2015 by Irina and Roman Farber. It was born from a personal experience of Irina. In the middle of 2007 she suddenly got terribly short of breath while running and could not take another step.
Shortly after, she was diagnosed with asthma and was prescribed various medications. Three months later, their 5-year-old son also appeared to have asthma. From that moment on, they were both at the mercy of the same routine of puffs and 4-monthly check-ups. The symptoms lessened, but they still suffered from seasonal allergies and had regular colds and respiratory complaints. In addition, their son often had to use an inhaler during sports training because he didn’t get enough air.

Because the list of side effects and risks of the drugs was endless, and because Irina believes in a holistic approach, she decided to investigate alternative treatments for their symptoms.