Endurance and performance

For athletes, it’s all about endurance. Optimal breathing and lung capacity are crucial for this.

Activate your lungs

Halotherapy ensures that the airways remain clean, allowing more oxygen to be absorbed. Air inhaled through the nose is filtered and enters the lungs through the upper airways. With considerable effort, breathing through the nose alone is not enough. Breathing is therefore done through the mouth after which the air reaches the lungs via the lower airways. Because the filtering function of the nose is then lacking, the air is often a little dirtier and cold, which leads to irritation more quickly. This in turn leads to coughing fits, excess mucus production and shortness of breath, which can reduce athletic performance.

During halotherapy, the vibrating hairs on the mucous membranes are stimulated so that dirt and excess mucus are removed. In addition, the breathing volume increases, including in the nose and upper respiratory tract, which allows for better and freer breathing.

In Eastern Europe, Halotherapy is an integral part of training for top athletes. This trend has also spread to other countries and more and more athletes are discovering how Halotherapy can help improve their performance.

"after a halotherapy session, I get more air and stamina."

In recent years, I have cycled an average of 5000 km each year as an enthusiastic cyclist and have participated in a major event abroad since 2017, such as the Marmotte in the Alps and Pyrenees, at least once a year.
Preparing properly for such an event is very important and when you are over 40, a medical examination is mandatory. During such an examination, it was brought to my attention that I have a slight obstruction in my lungs which may indicate a mild form of asthma.

I had a further examination done, after which the doctor gave me Salbutamol to try and see if it would benefit me. This seems to be the case. However, during that period I also came across an advertisement of a Buteyko course and it seemed nice and interesting to combine with Halotherapy at Saltium and to see if this would have an effect on my condition. And this seems to be the case.

Considering the fact that I have mild complaints, the effects aren’t very big of course, but I did always get the idea that after a halotherapy session I have more air and stamina, so I could perform just a little bit better.
So I still regularly come to Saltium for halotherapy sessions.

Andre - 46 - enthusiastic mountain cyclist