Halotherapy for children

Halotherapy is also suitable for children. For several reasons, they run a slightly higher risk of complaints. For example, the various organs and their respiratory, immune and neurological systems are still developing in children.

In addition, children breathe through their mouth more often than adults. They also breathe proportionally more air because of their body size. This also applies to polluted air. In addition, they have a higher heart rate, as a result of which substances from the air are absorbed faster via the blood into the tissue.

On the other hand, it is even easier for children to learn the correct way to breathe where in adults this is often too much of an ingrained pattern. And because they breathe relatively more in, the effects of Halotherapy are often even greater. At Saltium we already have been able to successfully help many children and their parents.

Halotherapy is suitable for children from 3 months old who suffer from respiratory complaints, ear, nose or throat disorders, allergies and skin problems or from concentration problems such as ADHD and ADD.
We have a play table where children can play quietly during a session. It is also possible for them to sit on their parent(s)’ lap during the session.

"the effect of the treatment is real"

I love freestyle soccer. Because of the therapy at Saltium I get a lot more air and I can play even better. I am also looking forward to the sessions in the special salt rooms, because they are very soothing. It is nice to do nothing for an hour or so. It’s nice and relaxed, and yes, of course my phone is turned off.

I use much less medication. I only have to ‘puff’ once in a while, whereas I used to have to do that a couple of times a day.

James - 15 years old

"it's an enormous help for us"

The treatment with my son ( 19 months) went fine! Nice welcome and we quickly felt at ease.
The salt room is very soothing! Halotherapy works very well against shortness of breath, coughing and a blocked nose.

Super happy with the progress!

Carolien and her son, almost 2 years old

"we have no complaints during the winter!"

Since October 2019 I visit Saltium once a week, together with my girlfriend, who also has two children of 2 and 7 years old.
The six of us book a group room for this. While our children are playing in the salt, we can relax in a beautiful environment on comfortable chairs listening to soothing music. We experience quality time here!
At Saltium everything is very well organized. A small table and chairs are placed in the room and the kids can play, read books, puzzle or draw during the session.

Already after a few sessions I noticed that my children (and I myself) no longer have colds and I have much more energy to do everything with pleasure in my busy life.
That’s why I’ve decided to take halotherapy on Saturdays alone with my daughters in addition to these sessions with my girlfriend. We then use one of the Saltium private rooms, just the three of us. Then I lie on a very comfortable chair to relax and the girls have fun with each other in the salt or they are drawing or we read a book together.

That way you have a ‘relaxing and health hour’ that we actually live for every week.
At the end of each session there is tea with a tasty treat for us. The kids love it!
Na afloop van elke sessie staat er thee met iets lekkers voor ons klaar. De kinderen vinden het geweldig!
Every time they get something and every time it’s exciting and something unexpected – a special lollipop, ‘wrapped’ wild raisins or a very healthy biscuit or … a salt figurine.

We feel healthy, more relaxed and we have no complaints during the winter!

Anna and her twin daughters, Bella and Maiia, aged 5.