Halotherapy = recovery

Smokers often have a smoker’s cough. This has the function of activating the cilia in the lungs to remove dirt and excess mucus.

The more and the longer someone smokes, the more difficult this process will be. The tar then sticks to the cilia and they can even stop working altogether. If you have stopped smoking, Halotherapy can help restore the condition of your lungs and make the vibrating hairs work optimally again. At first, you may start coughing a bit more. This means that waste products and excess mucus are removed, which is actually a good sign. Moreover, it will quickly diminish again.

"I want my lungs to recover as soon as possible"

I’ve smoked for over 25 years and now I have a lot of regret. My stamina has gotten very low and I have been sick a lot in the last 10 years – Smoking reduces the immune system and I think I look a bit older now than I actually am. I hope I won’t get more discomfort in the future as a result of smoking.

I’ve stopped smoking for almost a year now and I’m trying to repair the damage. I exercise regularly, and 6 months ago I also discovered Halotherapy at Saltium. My wife came to Saltium for a treatment for light eczema and brought me a folder. I thought: ‘Why not, I’m just going to try it’.

After the first few sessions I already noticed that my lungs have started a big ‘spring cleaning’. I now get more air, I feel better, fitter and I can run for 5 km now. Halotherapy is also very relaxing and it is a lot less expensive than smoking 🙂

We often go together with my wife and/or son. He loves the salt rooms and halotherapy is good for his atheletic performance.

I’d recommend it to anyone: if you smoke – stop as soon as possible. Start exercising and, of course, halotherapy treatment, every little bit helps! Your health is the most important and most precious thing you can lose.

Alberto - 45 years old