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The microclimate in the salt chamber is comparable to an underground salt mine. The walls and floors of the salt chamber are covered with a layer of salt. Dry salt aerosol (NaCl) is blown into the therapy room, not visible, creating a curative environment identical to the microclimate of salt caves. During the treatment you take place in a comfortable chair in the room and you listen to soothing music and thanks to specially set light you can completely relax.
See also “What is Halotherapy”.

You do not have to wear special clothing, however, casual clothes are advised. Keep in mind that it is not allowed to go into the salt chamber wearing shoes.
If you have booked a private room, you can also follow the course in underwear. See also “What is Halotherapy”

Yes, because halotherapy can influence the environment, the concentration of salt in the air, the humidity and the temperature range. That is not possible in real caves and mines.

Modern medication offers effective alleviation of chronic diseases, but often poses side-effects. Sometimes the effect of medication is reduced after prolonged periods of use.
A continuous drug therapy is linked to the possible development of allergic and toxic reactions, to the development of antibiotic tolerance of micro-organisms, and the possible spread of dysbiosis and other side-effects.

The salt cleans the airways, kills the bacteria and mould, and has an inti-inflammatory effect. The growth of new bacteria is slowed down by the salt particles.

After only a few treatments you can breathe normally again. Symptoms such as running eyes, sneezing and itches are noticeably reduced. Also, the chance of the recurrence of infection (for example ear infections) is significantly lowered.

Regularly visiting the salt chamber improves the functioning of the lungs.

Toxins that have built up in the lungs of a smoker are removed faster with using halotherapy.

Doctors have found that thousands of patients have been successfully treated using this method. After undergoing halotherapy they could breathe more easily. Also, symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and short of breath were reduced. Most patients felt a positive result after only a few days after the treatment, and required less medication.

Barely. Halotherapy or salt-therapy is a complementary, natural treatment.

A special generator with a sensor ensures that the salt concentration remains constant. The 100% natural, salt based environment creates a sterile and clean ambiance.

Please read carefully the page Halotherapy not recomended for If in doubt, please contact one of our employees and/or your doctor.

Visiting salt chambers does not offer a replacement for regular health care. It can, however, be seen complementary and supportive for the regular treatment. Some patients experience less dependency on medication use after regular visits to the salt chamber. Despite of this, it is recommended to always follow the advice of your doctor.

Salt-therapy is 100% natural, safe and drug free. It is suitable for all ages upwards of six months. Children react effectively on salt-therapy.
This natural treatment is advised by doctors in countries that have included halotherapy in their regular health care. Read more on our children page.

The terms “integral” or “integrated medicine” indicate on combinations of conventional and alternative treatments of which the effect is scientifically proven. Such practices are seen by doctors as the best examples of complementary medicine.

Often, a patient receives focused advice from a medical doctor and if the treatment does not work, he/she approaches a holistic therapist, or sometimes all at the same time. The medical doctor and holistic therapist work separately in their own scope. These often have a limited expertise on the discipline of the other practitioner.

Our holistic therapists are medically and holistically skilled and experienced. They are able to safely and efficiently develop a treatment plan, combining aspects from conventional and natural medicine. The maximum benefit is achieved using this integrated approach.

Solid technology:

  • Halogenerator (dry salt aerosol generator) that can the aerosol concentration and the inhalable particle size during the halotherapy session;
  • Correct design of the clinic and other rooms. Systems for heating, ventilation and moistening the halotherapy clinic (treatment room, air lock, technical room);
  • Dimensions of the treatment chamber has to be in accordance to the output of the halogenerator.

Use of the correct substance:

  • To generate a dry salt aerosol, untreated sodium chloride has to be used.

Halotherapy represents a new trend in aerosol medicine. It contains two methods: halotherapy and halo-inhalation. There are clinical reasons for the application of halo-aerosoltherapy, such as the prevention, treatment and revalidation of patients with diseases on the respiratory tract.
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Halotherapy was found to be a very effective method in a complex sanatorium treatment of patients suffering from chronic bronchitis.
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Halotherapy improves the clinical state of most patients.
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Halotherapy is used for the treatment of diseases of the airways of the respiratory tract.
Pavlov national medical university of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Natural speleotherapy given to children suffering from bronchial asthma has contributed to the normalisation of free radical oxidation and the reestablishment of the molecular structure in red cell membranes.
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[Study of molecular damage from bronchial asthma and cerebrovascular diseases in the course of rehabitalisation]
Medical experts notice: “The halo chamber works even better in a clinic than in a natural cave. It has all benefits without the level of radiation and radon gas present in natural caves.”
Speleo and halotherapy have been medically recognised for over fifty years for the treatment of respiratory problems. It is used for bronchial diseases such as chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, seborrhoea, and other diseases.
The treatment is also recommended for patients who suffer from short of breath, coughing (especially at night or after training), mucosal oedema, mucous build up, wheezing and other diseases of the airways such as rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Of course, it is also healthy for people who have a cold or an allergy. Smokers also benefit from halotherapy.

During the Paediatric World Congress in Jerusalem in July 1977, the results of speleotherapy were presented as a curative method for chronic and allergic diseases of the respiratory system.

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