Hay fever and allergies

Enjoy springtime again

A lot of people have one or several allergies, the most common being hay fever. Those who suffer from it dread the onset of spring.

That is when the concentration of pollen in the air is at its highest and the symptoms are at their worst. However, changing weather conditions and other factors have made hay fever a year-round issue. With the body trying to cope with an allergic reaction, people with allergies often feel tired and lack energy. They also have to deal with irritated eyes, a runny nose, and itchy skin. Prescribed drugs provide some relief but not always enough, as is the case with prescription antihistamine, for example. Corticosteroids are prescribed in some cases, but those come with side effects such as osteoporosis, cataracts, muscle atrophy, diabetes, and various skin conditions.

Halotherapy helps reduce allergy symptoms and regain energy. Salt kills bacteria and helps remove mucus. Your lungs, nose, throat, and eyes will get full relief thanks to the optimal microclimate and lighting, as will you. You will have the time to fully recover and recharge your batteries. Halotherapy can also alleviate your symptoms to such an extent that the use of medication can be phased out. Never do this without consulting your doctor first.

For best results, we recommend a series of 10-20 treatments twice a year. This is best done in spring at the start of the hay fever season and in autumn when it gets cold and humid and you could use a bit more of an immunity boost. You can always book an extra session in between if you have symptoms or want to prevent them.

"hay fever under control"

The three of us have been coming to Saltium for three years now. My mother, daughter, and I have a severe case of hay fever. We visit Saltium every week between March and May. Our hay fever symptoms are far less severe now than in previous years. We prefer not to use any medication if we can do without it, and that’s why halotherapy is a very suitable remedy against our problem.

We reserve the large room for ourselves. It’s cheaper that way, and we get to have a super fun ‘mother-daughter-grandma’ time. Once in a while, daddy and grandpa join us… they don’t have hay fever; they just find it fun and relaxing.

Regina, Stella, and Natali (44, 16, and 65 years old)

"sneezing is driving me up the wall"

I am a trainee economics teacher at one of Amstelveen’s secondary schools. The onset of spring is unbearable. I have to constantly sneeze, and my eyes swell up. I have to sneeze 20 times in a row during class. The class thinks that’s great and very funny, of course.

I have been coming to Saltium for four years. Halotherapy helps me get through that time of the year and significantly reduces my hay fever symptoms. I’m very happy about that.

Halotherapy is perfect for me! Besides sneezing less, I also become much calmer and my concentration improves a lot. I can really use that since I also have ADHD… Did I not mention that before? Well, allow me to do so now 🙂

Esther - 25 years old

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