Recovering from the Coronavirus

Herstel van coronaviris covid 19

Can Halotherapy Help Prevent or Recover from Coronavirus?

To answer this question immediately: we don’t really know. At least, whether Halotherapy can prevent Corona. The Coronavirus is so new and so much is unknown that we cannot give an unambiguous answer. What we do know is that Halotherapy is a perfect alternative treatment against complaints in diseases such as Asthma, COPD and other conditions in the airways and lungs. The Covid-19 virus often manifests itself in these places in the body and in many cases also leaves traces there. People who get Corona often suffer from complaints for a long time after healing. So if you’ve had Corona, it will most likely contribute to the recovery, both in the short and long term. Halotherapy also gives the immune system a huge boost. And with a virus roaming around, a strong and healthy immune system is of course always useful. In short; Halotherapy may be an extra good idea.

Virussen minder kans

The salt used in a course of Halotherapy kills bacteria and activates the natural functioning of your lungs and airways. This in turn ensures that mucus and waste products are removed so that your body has energy for more important things. For example, it can fight inflammation and viruses better so that they have less chance. That also applies to the common cold virus. Walking around with a snot nose now is not convenient. Even though you know for sure that it is a common cold, “I have it every year around this time!”, The people in line behind you at the supermarket don’t know and may look at you suspiciously. And does the RIVM not say that you should also stay at home with mild cold complaints? Just to avoid this discussion, Halotherapy could be a smart move right now.


We are regularly asked whether it is safe to come for halotherapy during this Corona time. The sessions are scheduled in such a way that there is enough time to ventilate and clean the rooms.

In addition, the many salt particles in the air absorb moisture, so the virus has no chance to survive or spread. The rooms and the entire Saltium area are therefore safe and Corona proof.

Corona recovery

If you have already contracted the virus in recent months and are now recovering, you should also consider halotherapy. In that case you may still suffer from a reduced condition and persistent fatigue, but also from chest tightness, a permanent cough and pain in your lungs. That’s because even after the virus is gone, the lungs have not immediately recovered 100% and may even have suffered permanent damage. It is therefore recommended to have a lung function measurement done after Corona. It can then be examined what the lung capacity is and how this recovers.

Comparable complaints with asthma and COPD

The above complaints are comparable to those that people with asthma and COPD suffer from, for example. Halotherapy can help reduce these and thus speed up a full recovery. In Eastern Europe, halotherapy is basically a common practice in the treatment of respiratory diseases and pneumonia. Halotherapy is also enjoying increasing popularity in the Netherlands. And that makes sense if you can believe the experiences of our customers.

We have seen people with asthma, COPD and, for example, severe pneumonia who hardly need any more medication or have even been completely relieved of their complaints. We have now also had several customers who wanted to use halotherapy for recovery after Corona. Their experiences are also positive.

Halotherapie helpt met het herstel na corona

A natural treatment for recovery

To begin with, halotherapy contributes to relaxation. This will immediately combat stress, which in turn contributes to general well-being. But the real hero of Halotherapy is the salt that is blown into the air and inhaled into crushed and filtered tiny particles during a session. The salt particles activate the cilia in the airways and kill bacteria that they encounter along the way. Waste, mucus, germs, inflammation; everything is broken down and disposed of in a natural way. Halotherapy is 100% and therefore a perfect addition to regular care. But if you are unsure whether Halotherapy is right for you, do this with your doctor. And always follow the applicable advice and measures. That’s the only way to really get rid of that virus.

First session is free *

Discover the beneficial effects of salt at Saltium, Institute for Halotherapy. Our cures provide relief from respiratory complaints, skin conditions and stress-related problems and give your immune system a boost.

* see conditions on our rates page.


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