Respiratory complaints

More air and less shortness of breath

Halotherapy has a proven positive effect on various respiratory complaints. A course of halotherapy treatment kills bacteria and ensures that mucus dissolves and can be removed. Moreover, Halotherapy strengthens your immune system. Inflammations get less chance and there is more room for breathing. The released mucus can cause a temporary increase in symptoms after the first few sessions. However, this is normal and goes away quickly. You will soon feel better again and notice that you have more air and that you suffer less from shortness of breath, mucus and inflammation.

Less medication for asthma, bronchitis and COPD

Halotherapy is a good alternative treatment for people suffering from asthma, COPD and/or other bronchial complaints. These used to be collectively referred to as CARA. People with this condition suffer from various respiratory complaints such as sensitive, rapidly irritated lungs, too much mucus and breathing problems. The medications prescribed for asthma, COPD and bronchitis, among others, often causes unpleasant side effects.

Prednisolone, a commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory, is a corticosteroid. This substance suppresses physical reactions in case of infections and should only be prescribed under strict and continuous monitoring by a specialist. Side effects that may occur include osteoporosis, cataracts, muscle atrophy, diabetes and various skin complaints. Salbitumol, like Ventolin a respiratory tract widener, for example, has an anabolic effect and is even on the list of doping products.

A halotherapy cure by Saltium can relieve and control the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and COPD. It is even possible that the use of medication can be phased out. However, you should always discuss this with your doctor.

Halotherapy kills bacteria and relaxes your respiratory tract muscles. Mucus loosens and disappears.

If you have just started, after the first few sessions, you may experience more coughing and more mucus being released. This is normal. Usually after 3-4 treatments you feel much better and get more air; the amount of mucus is considerably less than you were used to.

We recommend a treatment of 10-15 sessions twice a year. This can be done in the spring, for example, when everything is in bloom, and in autumn when it gets colder and wetter. If in between you notice that things are not going so well you can always book a few extra sessions


This recessive inherited disease is also called cystic fibrosis. The mucus that is produced in different parts of the body is abnormally tough and cannot be removed, leading to inflammation. This is especially the case in the lungs and airways but also in other organs such as the liver and intestinal system. Halotherapy contributes to the relief of complaints in the airways and lungs. By combining a course of Saltium with breathing exercises, you will reap the benefits.

"Halotherapy - literally a relief"

I suffer from COPD and thanks to halotherapy I can now use the stairs again. My condition has really improved. My bronchitis complaints do not flair up as often anymore. In the first six months I came twice a week for a session. Now I go once a week. In principle, I have a fixed day and a fixed time. It’s really worth making time for this.

Marja - 66 years old

"I'm very happy with Saltium."

I’m a former top volleyball star at Martinus, amongst others, but I’ve been struggling with asthma for a number of years now, caused by Lyme disease. For me, Saltium means a significant improvement in my health and quality of life. Almost immediately I noticed a positive effect. At night I get much more air and the inflammatory pain in my airways is almost gone. The serene rest I experience during the sessions also works wonders for me. I also use less medication (puffs) for asthma, even though I can’t live without it yet.

I can recommend halotherapy to anyone. Even if you don’t have any complaints, as the air in this region is not the cleanest, of course.

Danielle - 55 years old

"Less likely to be out of breath thanks to Saltium"

In 2008 I was diagnosed with the chronic lung disease ‘Sarcoidosis’. My body mistakenly sees my lung vesicles as inflammations, resulting in a reduced lung function. I take a lot of medication for this.

In addition to the soothing feeling, the treatment has also helped me get more air. I notice it during my daily activities such as climbing stairs and cleaning. I am less likely to be out of breath. At the next check-up in the hospital, I will see if the figures say the same. But I have a good feeling about it!

Marvin - 53 years old

"I recommend halotherapy to anyone with asthma ."

I’m Els, 78 years old. I’m in Saltium’s private room right now. Why am I here? I’ve had asthma for years. Asthma cannot be cured, but with the Halotherapy sessions I can take less medication. This is very important to me. Why Saltium? This company is very alert and the team is alert. It’s clean, in short, everything is very well taken care of. On average, I come here once or twice a week. I also have an annual subscription. This subscription really has great value to me, priceless Furthermore, I would recommend it to everyone – try it!

Els - 78 years old

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Discover the beneficial effects of salt at Saltium, Institute for Halotherapy. Our cures provide relief from respiratory complaints, skin conditions and stress-related problems and give your immune system a boost.

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