Saltroom Amstelveen

saltroom amstelveen

Do you live in the turn of our Amstelveen salt room? Yes? That’s nice! Saltium salt chamber Amstelveen is the best and most modern salt chamber in the Netherlands.

En niet alleen omdat wij twee individuele zoutkamers en één groep/ familie zoutgrot hebben.

zoutkamer amstelveen

Saltium saltroom

Infrastructure and technical design of Saltium are unique. At the bottom you can read a little technical story in which we explain how it works for us and why we made such choices.

State-of-the-art technology ensures a controlled therapeutic microclimate in Saltium’s salt chambers. The air is ionized and saturated with a natural substance – NaCl (salt). The therapeutic parameters (such as concentration, dimensions, and speed of the salt aerosol particles and other corrective factors) have been adjusted by medical professionals according to the individual needs of the patients. These curative parameters are preset and are then continuously monitored and maintained by a microprocessor of halogenerator and sensor. Read here more about it.

Unique in the Netherlands!
Our Halotherapy Institute has two individual salt rooms and one group or family saltcave

Saltium salt room Amstelveen for children and adults

Halotherapy is also suitable for children. They run a slightly higher risk of complaints for several reasons. In children, for example, the various organs and their respiratory, immune and neurological systems are still developing.

In addition, children breathe through the mouth more often than adults. They also breathe relatively more air because of their body size. This also applies to polluted air. They also have a higher heart rate, which means that substances from the air are more quickly absorbed into the tissues via the blood. Read more here why halotherapy is often the best solution for children.

When are you going to our salt room in Amstelveen?

Halotherapy has a positive effect on about 85% of patients with respiratory complaints, lung diseases and skin disorders. Patients who visit a salt chamber are also less likely to suffer from hay fever and allergies.

And a comparison with patients who do not follow halotherapy shows that the therapy improves the quality and the effect of the regular treatment. It also appears that with various medicines, the dosage can be reduced or the use can even be reduced if Halotherapy is used.

First session is free *

Discover the beneficial effects of salt at Saltium, Institute for Halotherapy. Our cures provide relief from respiratory complaints, skin conditions and stress-related problems and give your immune system a boost.

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