Saltroom Hoofddorp region

Saltroom Hoofddorp region

Looking for a salt room in the Hoofddorp region? In 15 minutes you come to Saltium Halotherapy Amstelveen.

We always have a free parking place for; very easy!

Our two individual saltrooms and beautiful salt cave (for group sessions or families) are equipped with the most modern halotherapy equipment. After each session, rooms are cleaned and thoroughly ventilated. Rooms are medically hygienic and 100% safe.

Saltium Halotherapy Institute

Anti-bacterial and bactericidal properties of salt
In all three salt chambers at Saltium, it is immediately noticeable that everything, the walls, the ceiling and the floor, are covered with a thick layer of salt or Himalayan salt stone. Applying a thick layer of salt or salt stone to the walls and ceiling is a very difficult, expensive and time consuming process, but salt cover has clear functions and is simply mandatory in our opinion.

Salt has very strong anti-bacterial and bactericidal properties. Bacteria that are on clothing, released by a cough or human breath, for example, do not have a chance in our rooms and are neutralized very quickly. Salt around you enhances the medical effects of the treatment and works in tandem with the halogen generator sensor.

Saltium saltroom Amstelveen is your saltroom in the Hoofddorp region

Why does a session with us take 45 minutes?

Various studies and tests have shown that 45 minutes in the salt chamber, with the correct salt concentration, is the optimal duration per session. This applies to all ages. A 45-minute session at Saltium with the correct concentration of salt contributes to an optimal result, especially when a recommended cure is taken.

More time than 45 minutes too much and can cause irritation and less time is too little for the effective treatment. You cannot compensate for incorrect concentrations due to more or less treatment time. Those are two parameters that must be in balance.

What could you expect from a salt room visit?

During the halotherapy sessions, a sensor mounted in the salt chamber continuously measures the concentration and in the event of deviation from the preset value, the halogen generator is immediately activated or switched off. Due to this constant monitoring and very precise control, an ideal and correct salt concentration is built up in the room. No less and no more.

Depending on age, diagnosis and possible side complaints, we can select the right treatment and appropriate concentration thanks to measurements.

We can help you to reduce the allergic reactions and to regain energy. Salt kills bacteria and removes mucus. Your lungs, nose, throat and eyes are completely relaxed due to the optimal microclimate and lighting, just like you. Asthma, COPD and bronchitis complaints can be remedied very well by halotherapy.

It also appears that at various medications , the dosage is or the use can even be phased out if Halotherapy is used.

First session is free *

Discover the beneficial effects of salt at Saltium, Institute for Halotherapy. Our cures provide relief from respiratory complaints, skin conditions and stress-related problems and give your immune system a boost.

* see conditions on our rates page.