Saltroom Uithoorn region

Saltroom Uithoorn region

Looking for a salt chamber in the Uithoorn region? Try Saltium Halotherapy Amstelveen. 10 minutes from Uithoorn and you are at the most modern saltroom in North Holland.

If you come by car, you can park for free. Also easy to find by bicycle or public transport.

Halotherapy (salt therapy) - Saltium saltroom

Saltium is the only one saltroom in the Uithoorn area.

The walls shine in the beautifully decorated rooms of Saltium Halotherapie Amstelveen.

The calm, colorful lighting and comfortable chairs create a relaxed atmosphere in which you can completely sink into.

But the real stars are salt and our most modern halogen generators. In addition to the group room, Saltium has two salt rooms. In these two rooms we can set everything very accurately and patient-oriented.

Below are a few examples when halotherapy is a good idea.

zoutkamer in de regio Amsterdam, Saltium Halotherapie Amstelveen

Unique saltroom near Uithoorn

In our institute we have two salt rooms for individual use, which is unique, no other salt room in the Uithoorn region has individual salt rooms.

Private salt rooms are very suitable for people with skin problems. In the private room you can take off outer clothing and a different salt concentration is set. Treatment of skin problems in the group room is much less efficient. outer clothing and reduced skin contact with the salt air.

Read here more about it.

What does a visit to the salt room offer?

Halotherapy has a positive effect on about 85% of patients with respiratory complaints , lung diseases and skin conditions . And a comparison with patients who do not follow halotherapy shows that the therapy improves the quality and the effect of the regular treatment.

Depending on age, diagnosis and possible side complaints, we can select the right treatment and appropriate concentration thanks to measurements.

Halotherapy in our salt room Uithoorn region, Saltium Halotherapy, helps to reduce allergic reactions and to regain energy. Salt kills bacteria and removes mucus. Your lungs, nose, throat and eyes are completely relaxed due to the optimal microclimate and the lighting, just like you.

It also turns out that with various medicines , the dosage is reduced. or the use can even be phased out if Halotherapy is used.

First session is free *

Discover the beneficial effects of salt at Saltium, Institute for Halotherapy. Our cures provide relief from respiratory complaints, skin conditions and stress-related problems and give your immune system a boost.

* see conditions on our rates page.