Skin diseases

Tackling skin complaints with an alternative approach

Because salt kills bacteria, halotherapy is also ideally suited to relieve skin complaints. The humidity and temperature in our salt chambers ensure that the skin stays more calm, so that new inflammations and complaints are less likely to occur.

Dermatitis and Eczema

These forms of inflammation of the skin can cause annoying complaints. The skin will itch or burn and you will scratch and damage the skin. Blisters and wounds can also develop, which in turn can cause new inflammations. In some cases, the complaints occur suddenly and in other cases they are chronic. People who suffer from these skin problems have usually already tried every form of treatment. In our institute we see clients with very different skin problems who are at the end of their rope. And with us, often they are happy with the result after a course of treatment.

A course of treatment often delivers quick results. After a number of sessions there are already fewer spots, and the remaining are less sensitive and less visible. The number of recommended sessions and the frequency depends on the nature and severity of the complaints. In any case, we would recommend a course of at least ten sessions in which you visit two or three times a week. Based on your skin, you can quickly assess whether you need to adjust the frequency to keep your complaints under control.


People who suffer from the autoimmune disease psoriasis mainly experience complaints on and about the skin. The horn cells divide too quickly and do not mature enough, causing scaly scales. These cause itching again and can also be broken by sanding, causing nasty infections again.
Hormone creams and ointments called Corticosteroids are often used to treat psoriasis. With serious complaints that also manifest themselves in, for example, the joints, heavier medicines are also used. In all cases, nasty side effects such as other skin complaints can occur, but also osteoporosis, cataract, muscle atrophy and even diabetes.
In addition, habituation often occurs with long-term use.
The Dead Sea in Israel is a popular destination for patients with psoriasis. The high salt content in this sea has an antibacterial effect and has a very positive effect. For that reason, Halotherapy can also help to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. Inflammation is inhibited, which makes the skin more likely to recover.

At Saltium we regularly see people with psoriasis who have very nice results. However, each case is different and depends on the severity of the complaints. We recommend a course of at least 10 to 20 sessions and come 2 to 3 times a week. It is important to keep track of the effect yourself in order to determine whether the frequency needs to be adjusted.

Medicine use

Many of our customers saw their symptoms diminish to such an extent that they also needed less medication. We said it before, don’t just stop your medication and always consult with your doctor before scaling back on your medication. But we think you’ll be amazed at the effect halotherapy has on your symptoms.
Read our blog about the side effects and risks of hormonal medication for skin complaints and about Halotherapy as a medicine-free alternative.

Read our blog about the side effects and risks of hormonal medications for skin diseases and about Halotherapy as a drug-free alternative.

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