Stress, burnout, and sleep problems

Stress is the new smoking

Some researchers state that stress is more detrimental to your health than smoking. Nevertheless, stress has been proven to affect both your mental and physical health. Therefore, ensuring that you will stay in control is highly recommended.

Too much stress also affects your concentration and sleep, and too little sleep makes you less resistant to stress – a vicious cycle. Halotherapy can help with all these issues.


Too much stress and sensory overload can result in a burnout. It incapacitates you as everything becomes too demanding. Your energy is depleted easily, which makes you more susceptible to physical ailments. Halotherapy helps you relax, improves your concentration and immune system, and reduces fatigue.

The effectiveness of the treatment course is even greater in combination with breathing exercises, and you will soon notice an improvement in your well-being.


When you do not get enough sleep, you become more susceptible to mental and physical ailments. Not being able to fall asleep can then lead to lying awake and worrying about it, which only makes things worse.
Halotherapy helps regulate your breathing, allowing you to relax and fall asleep more easily.


It is not just the partners who end up with too little sleep when lying next to someone who snores.
Some snorers wake up themselves from the sounds they produce. Trouble breathing can also lead to snoring problems and disrupt having a deep enough night’s sleep. A Halotherapy treatment helps open up the airways so that there are fewer constrictions. As the snoring reduces, both snorer and partner will have an improved night’s sleep.