The history of Saltium

Founded after own experience

Saltium Halotherapy was founded in 2015 by Irina and Roman Farber. It was born from a personal experience of Irina. In the middle of 2007 she suddenly got terribly short of breath while running and could not take another step.

Shortly after, she was diagnosed with asthma and was prescribed various medications. Three months later, their 5-year-old son also appeared to have asthma. From that moment on, they were both at the mercy of the same routine of puffs and 4-monthly check-ups. The symptoms lessened, but they still suffered from seasonal allergies and had regular colds and respiratory complaints. In addition, their son often had to use an inhaler during sports training because he didn’t get enough air. Because the list of side effects and risks of the drugs was endless, and because Irina believes in a holistic approach, she decided to investigate alternative treatments for their symptoms.

Her path eventually led her to cave therapy. She learned that the healing effects of salt mines and salt caves were successfully applied in the treatment of respiratory complaints. Patients with asthma also achieved great results.

That same summer they went to Tapolca in Hungary. This place is known for its underground salt caves that Irina and her son visited every day. After a few days they already noticed that they had to use the inhaler less often and that they even got more air while exercising. It was the best way to control the asthma and reduce the use of medication.

Her own institute for Halotherapy

Because there are no natural salt caves in the Netherlands, Irina decided to immerse herself in halotherapy. The natural climate of the salt caves is imitated in so-called salt chambers. She spoke with various experts and doctors at home and abroad, and with halotherapy providers. When she had gathered enough information, she decided to open an institute for halotherapy herself.

Op On 15 July 2015 the doors of Saltium opened in Amstelveen. Since then, just like Irina and her son, many others have experienced the benefits of halotherapy regarding the treatment of respiratory complaints, but also on skin problems, stress-related complaints and more.

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