The Saltium Team


The Saltium team is formed by Irina, Talyah, Caroline and Roman. They are at your service to make your visit to our institute as comfortable, pleasant and relaxing as possible.


The founding of Saltium originated from my personal experience with Halotherapy (read blog).It really changed the lives of both my son and myself as we no longer have to go to the pulmonologist for regular check-ups for our asthma, and hardly need to use any medication anymore. Moreover, our hay fever barely bothers us anymore and we seldom catch a cold in the colder months. I wish that for everyone!

Halotherapy is an integral part of a broader, holistic healthcare system in many countries. Not all doctors and insurers in the Netherlands are as yet familiar with the therapy. We want to change this, and we are working hard to inform them of the benefits.


I combine my work at Saltium with various other activities in the field of health, holistic medicine, and Arvigo® Therapy. Arvigo® Therapy is a treatment that supports the reproductive system, among other things, so it has a very wide-reaching effect on the body. I am also training to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner. The female body fascinates me, and my focus within Ayurveda is on the woman’s constitution. By taking a look at who she is from different angles, you get a better understanding of what can help strengthen her at her core, both physically and mentally.

I joined Saltium in April 2019, and I enjoy my work immensely. Every Friday, I walk past the salt chambers and make sure that everything runs smoothly and that the customers are satisfied. My Fridays – and my busy weeks – usually end with a relaxing halotherapy session for myself.


My name is Caroline and I have been working at Saltium on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays since the beginning of 2021. I have always had a great interest in alternative medicine and the effect of natural remedies and minerals. That is how Saltium came my way and I am very happy to be part of this pleasant and pleasant team.

In addition to my work at Saltium, I am involved with the latest developments in content marketing and I work on websites for small entrepreneurs. Original content always interests me, small entrepreneurs always have new and innovative ideas that make me very enthusiastic.

I have a great love for animals, at quiet moments I volunteer at various projects in my neighborhood and I spend a lot of time in nature and outdoors.

Caroline - Saltium team