What is halotherapy?


The Greek word for salt is ‘halos’. That is why salt plays the lead in halotherapy. Halotherapy is a form of speleotherapy (spelaion is Greek for cave) in which the salty air in salt mines and salt caves is used to treat respiratory diseases and skin complaints. The only difference is that halotherapy imitates a natural salt mine or salt cave.

This kind of therapy has been around for many years. The ancient Greeks and Romans incorporated the healing effects of salt into their treatments for a wide range of ailments. In the 1940s, Polish doctor F. Bochkovsky discovered that salt particles in the air can provide a specific healing effect for respiratory problems. In 1858, he opened the first salt spa for patients with lung diseases in an old salt mine near Krakow. In many Central and Eastern European countries, salt therapy has been an important part of health care for quite a while. It’s also gaining popularity in the rest of Europe and around the world. Especially people suffering from COPD or other respiratory diseases or skin problems can see benefits from it, but the relaxing aspect of halotherapy also works for stress-related issues and ADHD.

How does the treatment work?

Halotherapy is 100% natural and benefits both the body and mind. During a 45-minute session, you can relax in a comfortable chair in a room where the walls, ceiling and floor are covered with rock salt. Pure salt is also crushed and filtered then dispersed into the air. The salt particles are miniscule. You can’t see them, but you’ll be breathing them in, just like you would at the seaside, for example. The salt stimulates the vibrating cilia in your respiratory tract so that waste products and germs are removed. The salt has an anti-inflammatory, calming and moisturizing effect on your skin.

Scientifically proven

Various scientific studies have already been conducted into the effect of the therapy. One of the first investigations had a special reason. During WWII, the inhabitants of the German city of Ennepetal used a nearby cave as an air raid shelter. The stay in the cave seemed to have a positive effect on the asthma patients. After te war the German doctor Dr. Karl Hermann Spannagel researched the effects of speleotherapy on bronchitis, asthma and whooping cough.
His positive findings were published in 1949. A groundbreaking clinical study conducted in Germany in 2002 aimed to provide health insurance therapy.

Halotherapy has a positive effect on some 85% of patients with respiratory, lung and skin conditions. And from comparison with patients who do not follow halotherapy it appears that the therapy improves the quality and the effect of the regular treatment. It also appears that with different medicines, the dosage can go down or the use can even be reduced to zero if Halotherapy is used.

"highly recommended for any age group"

After our treatment experience, we can highly recommend therapy for skin problems, freer breathing, cold relief and healthier skin.
Highly recommended for all age groups. Many thanks to the professional team for your hospitality and guidance.

Jan and Sheeda

"my medication use has almost halved."

I have COPD, after 20 sessions I felt a real improvement.

My medication use has almost halved. I use the stairs instead of the elevator and I can go on walks again. The girls are always friendly and very caring.


"it works really well for ADHD."

I felt relief in my chest really quickly after the first session. The next day the mucus was already loosening.
After 5-6 times you really feel a lot more room to breathe. I also makes you feel much calmer and more relaxed. I am now more focused, it works really well for ADHD.


"a gift to yourself."

The warm welcome and the ambience is already soothing and feels great. I don’t have any specific problems, but I’ve noticed improvements in these areas:

  • my skin looks like after a fasting/cleaning treatment
  • my hair doesn’t get oily as quickly
  • my gums have improved a lot, now they’re turning more pink
  • I can breathe more easily


Some numbers

  • Up to 1.5 times longer remission period in patients with asthma (depending on the severity of the disease). In patients with bronchitis, this increases to almost 2 times (1.8).
  • Significant reduction in the use of regular medication. For asthma patients, this was the case in 56% of patients.
  • Reduction of absenteeism due to illness
  • Positive effect on 82% of patients with hay fever
  • Halotherapy is highly effective in children with asthma (81% positive result), with recurrent obstructive bronchitis (85%), with acute bronchitis complications (90%).
  • 4-fold reduction in cold and flu symptoms.
  • Faster recovery of respiratory protective functions forZ smokers and those at occupational risk.
  • Positive effect in up to 85% of patients with allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and pharyngitis.
  • Improvement in 62% of patients with skin problems.

Halotherapy has a positive effect, and no side effects, on elderly people with cardiovascular disease.

The technology

The most important element of halotherapy is the medically pure rock salt that is dispersed in the air with the halogen generator. This nebulizer supplies a constant stream of clean, dry, salty air (salt aerosol) containing negatively charged particles of sodium chloride. This salt aerosol has a particle size of 1 to 5 microns, equal to those found in natural salt caves.

Humidity and temperature are essential during a session and are accurately measured and controlled using the halogen generator and a connected infrared halosensor that continuously measures the salt concentration and controls the halogen generator.

New equipment is regularly developed which makes the air and microclimate even more manageable. Saltium’s halogen generators are the most advanced generators available on the market today. The salt that is used is also top quality and very pure medical salt that is also used in medical science and surgery.


Halotherapy is actually like a holiday by the sea. You can relax, your immune system gets a boost, your skin gets freshened up and you feel like you’ve been reborn. Are you ready for a holiday, too?

And are you interested in discovering for yourself how halotherapy can help address your health issues? Then make an appointment for a 45-minute mini holiday right now!